Construction of the Vanj River Bridge

Location: Tajikistan
Sector: Transport

Source of funding:  9 mln USD - China Road and Bridge CorporationPrivate financing

Total cost: 9 mln USD
Implementer (contractor/operator)Tajikistan Ministry of Transport and Communication

Start (of construction): August 2014
Planned completion: July 2015


China Road and Bridge Corporation is a state-owned Chinese company engaged in international transport infrastructure construction. It was founded in 1979 and is currently run by Wen Gang. It is one of the four large State-owned companies that first entered the international contracting market. CRBC mainly undertakes contracting, investment, development and operation of road, bridge, port, railway, airport, tunnel, real estate and industrial park projects. With branches and offices in nearly 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. CRBC has established an efficient and rapid global market network. In response to the Going Global Strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, CRBC has seized the opportunity to expand and increase its global competitiveness. It has embraced EPC,BOT and PPP procurement methods, and has undertaken a number of renowned projects, such as the Highway connecting Tajikistan.



The Vanj River Bridge Project is the most important bridge of the Tajikistan-China Highway Project, and it is 145.76m long in total. The construction of the project started on August 2, 2014 and it passed the preliminary inspection on June 26, 2015. The completion and opening of this project guarantees the smoothness of the important commodity transport passage Tajikistan-China Highway, facilitates the trade contacts between China and Tajikistan and has an important significance to promote the interconnectivity in Central Asia. The 145 meter-long bridge across Tajikistan's Vanj River is a key link along the Tajikistan-China Highway. The completion of the project facilitates the smooth transport of goods along the Tajikistan-China Highway, promotes trade contacts between China and Tajikistan, and furthers interconnectivity in Central Asia.


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