220kV Lolazor - Khatlon Power Transmission Line

between Danghara - Kulob towns
Total cost:
$ 59 mln
Chinese partner:

The Export - Import Bank of China


Tajikistani partner:
Barqi Tojik
Construction start:
Putting into commission:

Partners summary

The Export - Import Bank of China is a state-owned policy bank with the status of an independent legal entity. Exim Bank plays a crucial role in promoting steady economic growth and structural adjustment, supporting foreign trade, and implementing the “going global” strategy. It is dedicated to supporting China’s foreign trade, investment and international economic cooperation. The Bank has been involved in various projects in Tajikistan, and in 2016 Tajikistan’s debt to the institution already amounted to 1 billion USD. [1]

TBEA, previously known as Tebian Electric Apparatus, is a Chinese manufacturer of power transformers and other electrical equipment, and a developer of transmission projects. The company actively practices the BRI strategy and is devoted to sharing the advanced electricity construction experience of China with the world. The company has provided green technology and smart environment-friendly, stable and efficient energy equipment to more than 60 countries, including the United States, Russia, Brazil, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan. 

Energy projects implemented by the Chinese company TBEA completed the creation of a unified energy system in Tajikistan. With the help of Chinese experts, three projects for the construction of high-voltage power lines were implemented, connecting the power systems of the central regions of Tajikistan with the north. TBEA built the South-North power transmission line (500 kV), Lolazor-Khatlon (220 kV) and Khujand-Aini (220 kV). [2]

Barqi Tojik  is a national integrated power company of Tajikistan. It operates a large majority of the electricity sector and the entire heat sector. The company produces most electricity and all heat, and operates as a TSO, DSO, dispatch centre and retailer. The company is financially and legally unbundled from the government, although it is fully state-owned.

Description of the project

93-km Lolazor–Khatlon power transmission line improved electricity supplies to the eastern part of Khatlon and reduced technical and commercial electricity losses from 14 percent to 3.2 percent and electricity savings amounted to 180 million kWh a year. [3]

The total cost of the Lolazor–Khatlon project was USD 59 mln. The Chinese side provided 55.1 mln USD in preferential loans, carrying an annual interest of 2%, and Tajikistan contributed 2.9 mln USD to the project’s budget. [4]

The implementation period is two and a half years, the payback period is five years. Also, this facility will allow exporting Tajik electricity to Afghanistan and contribute to the development of the economy of the southern region of Tajikistan. [5]

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