SEZ “Chemical Park “Taraz”


She district, Zhambyl region, Southern Kazakhstan 

Sector: Industrial
Total cost: $ 99,7 mln
Chinese partner:

Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd.

China Tianchen Engineering Company

China Development Bank

Kazakhstani partner: United Chemical Company
Construction start: 2015
Putting into commission: 2018

Partners summary

Hualu Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd., wholly controlled by China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., is an international engineering company that specializes in the fields of petrochemicals, natural gas based chemicals, coal based chemicals, materials & energy and infrastructure and has completed over 1,200 large and medium-sized projects including nearly 60 EPC undertakings, covering more than 200 different products involving  more than 120 new processes and technologies.

China Tianchen Engineering Company, founded in 1953, is one of the leading international engineering corporations in the world. It provides engineering consultations, design, procurement, construction management and commission supervision, etc. It accomplished thousands of projects within and outside of China, throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Antarctica, over thirty countries and areas in total. There have been hundreds of projects of engineering design, turnkey contract and technology, which were awarded prizes from the state, provinces and the ministries respectively.

United Chemical Company, a subsidiary of Samruk-Kazyna JSC, was established in 2009 to develop and implement investment projects in the chemical industry in Kazakhstan.

Description of the project

In 2015, United Chemical Company jointly with Chinese Hualu Engineering and Tianchen Engineering agreed on constructing the “Chemical Park “Taraz” in Shu district, Zhambyl region.

The SEZ “Chemical Park “Taraz” occupying 505 hectares on the territory of Shu District, is focused on the use of advanced high-performance, environmentally friendly foreign and domestic innovations which allows it to produce highly competitive chemical products. The chemical park produces ammonia and its derivatives, plant-protecting agents and plant growth regulators, caustic soda, feed phosphates, flotation reagents, plastic pipes, glass containers etc. [1]

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